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A path to DevOps
When Lara Hogan asked Bridget Kromhout (on stage, at Velocity), “So, how did you get tricked into operations?” it was funny, but it got Kromhout thinking. It’s a question she’s been asked before, and has sometimes been at a loss for an answer since she didn’t follow a plan originally.
Kromhout now offers a plan—a wonderfully thoughtful and pragmatic set of resources beginning with culture (e.g., if you work in tech for even a little while, you’ll notice that you have a lot of social and economic privilege, no matter your demographic identity, because you have more choices in your work and life than do many of your fellow humans), tools, education, community, and how to launch your career. Even if you’re already well established, this is worth a read if only to rekindle your fire.
(ed: “Kromhout” was originally spelled “Kroumhout”)

Devops Weekly - Issue #201 - 9th November 2014

It’s really important in my view to keep making the growing devops community as inclusive as possible. This post - with observations of from Devopsdays in Gent - should remind everyone that The first rule of devops club is welcome to the club.

Devops Weekly - Issue 195 - 28TH September

If you ever attend, or plan to attend, an industry event you should read this post. Heck, if you plan to leave your house your should read it. Our amazing community has a problem with diversity and anything you can do to make it more welcoming has to be a good thing.

Devops Weekly - Issue 185 - 10TH JULY

Last week saw the first Devopsdays Minneapolis and from the rest of this newsletter you’ll see it looked like a great event. This blog post from one of the organisers talks nicely about how to arrange one yourself.