Bridget Kromhout

Ops Sundries


Regular appearances

Arrested DevOps
I co-host Arrested DevOps (since November 2014) with Matt Stratton and Trevor Hess.

Cloud Native After Dark
I appear on Cloud Native After Dark from time to time, along with Andrew Clay Shafer, James Watters, and more.

Guest appearances

Discussing devops with the Code Monkey Talks team (Brian Demers & Brian Jackson).

Chatting with Michael Coté during our Pivotal team onsite meeting.

This Datanauts episode is about the intersection of technology and people.

Chatting with Coté on Software Defined Talk about travel and tech advocacy.

Chatting with David Giard about Cloud Foundry on Azure.

Cloudbees: Devops Radio

Chatting with Alex Williams at RICON about distributed systems and teams.

Chatting with Mac Slocum of O’Reilly Media at Velocity NY about teams large and small, containers, platforms, and getting new ideas.

Chatting with Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely of the Cloudcast about DevOps in practice, running Docker in production, building (or not) your own platform, AWS tools, and where Docker fits with Cloud Native applications.

Chatting with Michael Coté for Pivotal Conversations about opportunities operations people have in a Cloud Native world, moving to and from management, organization change management, being “promoted” to management, and, of course, USENET.

Chatting about Docker in production at DramaFever with Alex Williams, Scott Fulton, and Tim Gross.

Chatting about AWS autoscaling at DramaFever with Brandon Burton, Christopher Webber, Tim Gross, and more.

Chatting about DevOpsDays Belgium with Brandon Burton, Christopher Webber, Daniel Maher, Nathen Harvey, and more.

Chatting with Matt Stratton, Trevor Hess, Pete Cheslock, and Jason Dixon about tech conferences.

The Ship Show episode 47 - Making Monitoring Work for You
recorded 2014-08-25, aired 2014-08-31
Chatting with J. Paul Reed, Sascha Bates, Youssuf El-Kalay, and Pete Cheslock about monitoring.

The Ship Show episode 45 - DevOps on the Silicon Prairie
recorded 2014-07-18, aired 2014-07-22
Chatting with J. Paul Reed, Patrick Debois, Katherine Daniels, Heather Mickman, and Ross Clanton at DevOpsDays Minneapolis.

Chatting with Matt Stratton, Katherine Daniels, JP Morgenthal, and Patrick Debois at DevOpsDays Minneapolis.

Talking about DevOpsDays Pittsburgh with Brandon Burton, Kevin Behr, Seth Vargo, Jake Champlin, Christopher Webber, and more.

Food Fight - DevOps Days Pittsburgh
recorded 2014-05-30, aired 2014-06-03
Wrapping up DevOpsDays Pittsburgh with Nathen Harvey, Jake Champlin, Jennifer Davis, Andrew Clay Shafer, Julian Dunn, John Vincent, Pete Cheslock, Nivia Henry, and more.