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DevOpsDays Belgium - Ceci N'est Pas #devops

DevOpsDays Belgium 2014 - Ceci n’est pas #devops
Ghent, Belgium
2014-10-27 to 2014-10-28

As much as we don’t want recruiters, marketing campaigns, and sales pitches defining devops, practitioners are more inclined to define what DevOps is not than what it is. Perhaps this is fitting, as DevOps began in the land of famed Belgian surrealist RenĂ© Magritte. This meta-talk will examine the definitions and negative space around the non-definition of DevOps, through the filter of Magritte’s works.

Topics covered will include:

  • views shifting over time, with examples from talks, podcasts, blog posts, and tweets
  • where consensus and dissent exist, including such contentious topics as “enterprise DevOps”
  • trends as evinced by divergent tribes in the similar and dissimilar communities active in this space
  • the map-territory relation: the importance of words in a world structured by semantics

Part art history and part ethnography, this talk offers new views on some five-year-old questions.

Detailed notes with links and credits for references in the slides.

Talk: Ceci n'est pas #devops - Bridget Kromhout - DevOpsDays Belgium 2014 from devopsdays on Vimeo.