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Monitorama Portland 2014 - From Zero to Visibility

Monitorama Portland 2014
Portland, OR
2014-05-05 to 2014-05-07

When I joined a startup already in progress as their first ops hire, what monitoring existed was a twisty maze of half-measures. The devteam dreaded oncall, and our Mean Time To Lost Sleep was way too low. Improving visibility into our infrastructure and application performance required trying new tools and changing how we thought about what we were measuring. Join me for a tragicomic journey from the vale of blissful ignorance through the straits of Nagios and into the mountains of Graphite. Thrill! to the victories. Cringe! at the rewards of hubris. Share! your own insights, because this tale never really ends.

From Zero To Visibility from bridgetkromhout

Monitorama PDX 2014 - Bridget Kromhout from Monitorama on Vimeo.