Bridget Kromhout

Ops Sundries

Velocity New York 2014 - a Woman's Place Is at the Command Prompt

Velocity New York 2014
New York, NY
2014-09-15 to 2014-09-17

Moderator: Lara Hogan
Panelists: Katherine Daniels, Jennifer Davis, Bridget Kromhout, Samantha Thomas

Many “women in technology” efforts focus on software development, which is necessary but not sufficient. This panel is about women in Operations. How do organizations keep the women already in Ops, encourage more to join, and make the field a more welcoming one? Hear the true stories of women working in Operations today. (Yes, we exist, and we have root!)

This panel moderated by Lara Hogan will showcase women working in Operations as they discuss their experiences in the field, the challenges they’ve faced, and the advice they have both for women who want to join Ops and those in the industry who work with them. Participants will discuss what brought them to Operations, what encourages them to stay despite its challenges, and how they balance a career that frequently involves being on-call with the demands of life outside the workplace. The panel will also discuss how companies can recruit women for their Ops teams and create the right culture to retain them, and how the industry can work to make Operations more friendly to women and other under-represented groups.