Bridget Kromhout

Ops Sundries

Double Your Docker, Double Your Fun

DevOps Meetup, MN
Minneapolis, Minnesota
From the meetup description:

Bridget Kromhout, an Operations Engineer at DramaFever, will talk about “Docker in Production: Reality, Not Hype”. DramaFever, the largest streaming video site for international content, uses AWS to power its streaming video platform and has been running Docker in production since about October 2013 (well before it even went 1.0). Bridget will give an overview of how DramaFever uses Docker to make development more consistent and deployment more repeatable.

Tom Duffield, a Software Development Engineer at Chef, will give a talk aimed at those who may have been using Docker for awhile now and want to start pushing the boundaries a bit, perhaps by leveraging the sweet API they have. In this short talk Tom will cover how to approach using the API and some gotchas that users coming from the CLI might not be aware of, including undocumented gotchas, how to read the Go code behind the API, and more.

My SysAdvent post for 2014 covers this topic in more detail.