Bridget Kromhout

Ops Sundries

Sometimes You Feel Like a Docker; Sometimes You Don't.

Philly DevOps
Philadelphia, PA

Please join Pivotal’s Principal Technologists Bridget Kromhout and Casey West as they lead a joint discussion about Cloud Foundry and Docker. Bridget and Casey will cover running Docker images in Cloud Foundry’s Elastic Runtime and orchestrating containerized workloads on Lattice.

Bridget has years of experience in site reliability operations (most recently at DramaFever). She podcasts at Arrested DevOps, occasionally blogs at, and is active in a Twitterverse near you.

Casey’s experience in internet infrastructure, web app security, and design have taught him to be a paranoid UX-oriented, problem solving Internet plumber; his earliest contributions to Perl live to this day on your Mac.

Part of Cloud Native on the Meetup Circuit.

Sometimes you feel like a docker… (Philly) from bridgetkromhout