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The Promise of a Cloud Native Platform

Continuous Delivery, Microservices, and DevOps are three labels that describe aspects of the same phenomena; the principles and practices of high performing organizations that deliver highly available software, rapidly, at scale.

Continuous delivery has gone from an aspirational nice-to-have to a must-have capability for staying competitive at the edge of innovation. Nearly every automation project sets out to provide self-service deployments for developers with visibility and reliability for operations. Whether using configuration management or embracing containers to package workloads, we need a long list of capabilities to fill gaps in the automation. How do you provision infrastructure? Who can provision? How much? How do you deploy? Who can do deployments? What can even get deployed? What about canary deploys? Rolling deployments? Monitoring? Metrics? Fault detection? Fault remediation? The operational needs of a continuously delivered microservice architecture bring with them new considerations and constraints: let’s talk about them.

This presentation catalogs the capabilities that allow organizations to move quickly, reliably, and economically in an end-to-end infrastructure-to-application platform: the Cloud Native advantage outlined as contracts and promises. What promises can your platform keep?

The Promise of a Cloud Native Platform (Code Freeze conf) from bridgetkromhout

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