Bridget Kromhout

Ops Sundries

Ops in the Time of Serverless Containerized Webscale

Ops in the time of serverless containerized webscale
New York, New York
2016-09-20 to 2016-09-22

So you’ve deployed your app, launched your site, and gone live in prod. Awesome. But what happens when people actually use it, when you find out where your IaaS rate-limits you, and when you can’t just throw (virtual) hardware at your software problems? In a talk equally useful whether you’re dockering all the Dockers, going serverless with lambda functions, or scaling beyond what you’ve seen before, Bridget Kromhout, Timothy Gross, Charity Majors, and John Vincent explore the practical realities in that vast, uncharted space between “waiting for the change control board is probably fine” and “we just implemented a novel time series data store in our spare time.” If you’re coming to this panel, you’re probably well past the former, while the latter remains strictly aspirational.

Come chat with cheerfully cynical operations professionals who’ve put in a nonzero number of hours on the pager and still can joke about it. They’re trying the new stuff themselves (and some have even run it in production), and they can dispel myths (NoOps is not a thing; serverless still has servers), answer questions (spoiler alert: the answer is “it depends”), and provide the kind of high-quality infotainment you expect of such a seriously named panel.